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About Us

Connect with cybersecurity enthusiasts and experts, share knowledge, and collaborate for a secure digital landscape.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of the Ethiopian Cybersecurity ecosystem by creating a collaborative platform.

ECySA provides its members with access to industry-driven resources and facilitates effective public-private partnerships.

Our Objectives
Our Mission

About ECySA

The Ethiopian Cybersecurity Association (ECySA) is a national association that takes a holistic approach to securing information systems and infrastructures. Our mission is to instill cybersecurity mentality and practice in individuals and organizations, valuing collaboration and promoting public-private partnerships. ECySA provides resources to develop capabilities, support policy-makers, and promote international cooperation. We aim to enhance skills and knowledge, raise awareness, and create a secure cyberspace in Ethiopia.

Meet the ECYSA Team

The ECYSA team, made up of cybersecurity professionals and experts from various sectors, is dedicated to securing Ethiopia's cyberspace.

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Join the movement towards a cybersecurity-conscious nation with ECySA.

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